Sunday, August 8, 2010

Trailer Post

I know I haven't posted in ages so I apologize to my, uh, 6 followers. My excuses include stress, forgetfulness, and a boil. Yeah, I had a boil. I'll spare you all the pictures. Anyway, I've got reviews coming soon, I just have to organize my thoughts in order to properly portray how Awesomely Epic Scott Pilgrim is. Until then, please enjoy these trailers.

Directed by Tory Nixey but presented by Guillermo Del Toro who is one of the few directors that can actually scare me, and this trailer scared me. This is the type of horror movie we lost during the emergence of Slasher flicks. That slow, creepy horror that makes you jump at shadows and hesitate about going to bed. A remake of a 1973 film of the same name and one I'm definitely not seeing alone.

Do I know what just happened? No. Do I care? Hell no. Just from the trailer alone, director Zack Snyder is my new hero. Look, he just mixed school girls with Katanas in with dragons, air ships, and lingerie. Can we say Geek wet dream?

Here we have the American remake of the brilliant Let the Right One In and I'm hesitant. Yes, it has Chloe Mortez who played Hit Girl in the violently awesome Kick-Ass. Yes, the trailer does look good. But how often does a remake of a brilliant foreign film go well? And Let the Right One In was brilliantly creepy and beautiful. I put it down as my favorite Vampire film to date and I'm a fan of the fangs. My biggest worry is their going go Hollwoodize the ending which we all know is shit.

Okay, first off, check out that line up. Morgan Freeman (a.k.a. God), John Malkovich (who is freaking John Malkovich), Helen Mirren (a.k.a. The Queen), Karl Urban (Dr. "Bones" McCoy), and Bruce Willis (who is so cool the Laws of Physics bend for him, as is proven with this movie). Second, do you need a second? Look at that line up!

Unapologetic gratuitous violence at its best. This is the kind of movie where I honestly don't care about the plot that much. As long as someone gets a stapler in the ass I'll be happy.

I've already preached about this one before, go look up that blog for my praise. All I have to add is this: Lindsay Lohan plays a Nun with a machine gun. That is all.

I'm ending with this trailer for a very good reason: I'm hoping it will become the future of movies. They edited this movie as they shot it and they shot it on location with real people and not hired stand ins. It's simple, beautiful, and doesn't rely on anything other than its own grit and determination. The honest movie, it's a lost art form.