Wednesday, May 12, 2010

That Fantstic News I Promised

Here it is.
So J.J. Abrams new movie, Super 8, will not be a Cloverfield prequel or sequel and won't be filmed by a hand held camera. Thank Cthulhu for that. Anyway, a bootleg trailer was "leaked" not long ago. The official one was just released.

It's already gone viral and here is what you have to do. It's all here if you feel lazy though. At the end, see those letters flash by? Okay, slow down the film, blow them up and read what they spell. Add ".com" to the end and you have the website you need to go to. Try to print everything. See the message you get? Still with me? Alright, now read through all that green, PDP-11 16-bit microcomputer text. Find a name. Cross-reference it with Area 51. Still following? Good, cause I have no idea what you do next. Go YouTube it, I'm sure someone out there has blown up every last little, grainy image for you to scrutinize.

Super 8 isn't due till 2011 so you can take your time forming your conspiracy theories. As near as I can tell from the trailer drunk rednecks in pickup trucks are the worst threat to the military in existence.

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