Friday, March 12, 2010

Dead Snow

This movie answers the question of, “What’s better than Zombies? Nazi Zombies,!” This is the Zombie movie all us fans of the shuffling undead have been waiting for. It has everything you love and hate in a horror movie: A cast of off beat college students in a secluded wood cabin with no cell service; people calling out, “Hello, is anyone there?” before wandering off into the dark to be gruesomely killed; the classic “we have to split-up,” tactic that has proven so successful in past horror movies; sex followed by horrible death. Everything.

This movie lands another notch in the Zombie Comedy genre which has been so cult loved. It follows the trend setter Simon Pegg’s 2004 hit, “Shaun of the Dead,” and the James Gunn’s slimy underground classic, “Slither.” What these movies set in motion this movie has followed through with. The kills are more bloody, the situation more unbelievable, and everything just so awesome. The Zombies themselves are excellently executed. They don’t look like the painfully obvious makeup jobs of past movies. The blood is real looking and the things they do with intestines in this movie goes beyond anything I’ve seen. That includes the superglue evisceration fix up in “Dog Soldiers.”

Since this is a foreign film don’t expect it to hit any big theaters. If your town has some under funded art theater hidden behind a taco stand encourage them to pick this up. You will not want to miss the epic battle between an army of undead Nazi’s and one angry man with a chainsaw.

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