Saturday, March 27, 2010

Repo Men

There has been a lot of talk about how Repo Men rips off Repo! The Genetic Opera. Let’s just get it out of the way that I don’t care. I really, really don’t care. Usually I would but this is one of the rare times that Hollywood has produced something I like infinitely better than an independent studio. I contribute this to the fact that I have eyes and ears. So, those of you who squeal in utter delight at a heartfelt rendition of, “Don’t Poop in my Pool,” then stop reading now, please, and go away.

That being said, it must also be stated that Repo Men is not for everyone. If you gag at the sight of blood, have issues with watching someone have their liver sliced out, can’t stand the idea of Jude Law being anything other than a pretty boy, or are against healthcare reform then this movie is not for you. For you few action and gore geeks who like seeing someone get cut open without the protagonist singing about his love for a scalpel, check out Repo Men.

Jude Law and Forest Whitaker star in this gritty dystopian movie about a future where your shiny new spleen can be reposed if you don’t pay up in time. They shine, equal parts dysfunctional relationship, best friends, and gravedigger’s wit. They aren’t two guys I’d want on my tail if my pancreas payments were overdue. Their brilliant performances and hard edge fight scenes help plaster over the few plot holes and head scratcher moments. Like most sci-fi movies, there are a few things that make you scoff in disbelief and let you bask in your egotistical satisfaction that you know better than the scriptwriters.

The screenplay was, weirdly, based on a book that hadn’t been published yet. Repossession Mambo written by Eric Garcia, who also worked on the screenplay, hit bookstores in March of 2009. The book, as proven by Spooky Dan, takes more than a little from Repo! The Genetic Opera. This fact cannot be ignored but it’s up to you whether or not you’ll let it detract from Repo Men.

For me, this film will be going in my chest next to Doomsday and Slither as another blockbuster flop that I really liked.For Spooky Dan's comparison of the two go here.

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